Membership Information

To qualify for housing in the co-op, you must be financially responsible and have a good housing record.

Applications for membership will be based on the following criteria:

  • commitment to co-op principles and a willingness to participate in the co-op’s decision-making and meetings
  • evidence of financial responsibility
  • indication of permanency or long-term residency in the co-operative
  • potential to be a good resident who will maintain co-op property in good condition
  • potential to be a good neighbour who will live co-operatively with and respect the rights of others
  • positive attitude to living in a diverse community
  • household income and size meet the requirements of the co-op (Members must be able to afford the housing charge (rent) or prove that housing charge assistance is available to them. The size of the household must be within the occupancy guidelines.)
  • ability to live independently

Currently your combined household income cannot exceed $74,585 upon the assignment of a housing unit.

A limited number of government housing subsidies are available for those on fixed income or social assistance. You have to apply for these subsidies separately. Government subsidies are based on your household income.

While participation is compulsory, as far as possible the actual areas of assistance will be voluntary and based on members’ preferences and abilities. Applicants are urged when applying for membership to indicate their areas of interest and expertise. Each member is expected to contribute at least 4 volunteer hours per month.

Unfortunately our co-op is not wheelchair accessible.

Building Information

There is a minimum and a maximum number of individuals who are allowed to reside within an apartment unit:

  • Bachelor — 1 person
  • One-bedroom — 1–2 persons
  • Two-bedroom — 2–4 persons
  • Three-bedroom — 3–6 persons
  • Four-bedroom — 4–8 persons

We have a total of 9 bachelor units, 8 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units, 2 three-bedroom units, and 1 four-bedroom unit.

Our Victorian houses are all slightly different. This means we have no standard layouts.

  • Our “back” bachelor units are of one layout and our “front” bachelor units are of another
  • The upper one-bedroom units are different from the main floor one-bedroom units
  • None of our two-bedroom units are alike

Currently, our available floor plans are limited to one sample bachelor unit and several examples of 2-bedroom units. Again, due to our buildings all being slightly different, these are presented only as example information and unit sizes and layouts may vary from what we’ve provided here.

Example Bachelor Floor Plan

Example 2-Bedroom Floor Plans

Each unit may house up to 2 spayed or neutered cats. We have a ‘no dogs or exotic pets’ policy.

Utilities (heat, hydro, and water) are included in the housing charge.

Our amenities include:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Storage lockers in each of the basements
  • Enclosed backyard with a flower garden
  • 16 parking spaces (if available, additional fee applies)

Application Process

Once you have attended an orientation meeting and when your application is received (with income support, if applicable, and the $20 application fee), you will be contacted by the Membership Committee to arrange an interview.

During the applicant interview, you will be advised of the philosophy, operation, benefits, and obligations of co-op living. The application will be reviewed at the following Membership Committee meeting. After a thorough review of the application, the Committee will pass its recommendation to the Board of Directors which is responsible for final approval. Approved applicants are then notified and placed on the waiting list, pending availability of a suitable unit.

Please note, it is the responsibility of applicants to keep the co-op informed of any changes in your application information since the time of the original application. This should be done either by regular mail or e-mail. It is extremely important to keep us informed of changes to your contact information.

Please contact our Coordinator to learn more on how to apply by e-mailing

Waiting List

Vacancies are filled from the co-op’s internal and external waiting lists. Applicants should note that the wait for an available unit is likely several years.

Waiting List Status

Our Waiting List is currently closed.