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How to Apply (Application Process)

Please contact our Coordinator to learn more on how to apply by emailing coordinator@gracemacinnis.com.

Once you have attended an orientation meeting and when your application is received, with income support and the $20 application fee, you will be contacted by the Membership Committee to arrange an interview.

During the interview as an applicant, you will be advised of the philosophy, operation, benefits, and obligations of co-op living. The application will be reviewed at the following Membership Committee meeting. After a thorough review of the application, the Committee will pass it's recommendation to the Board of Directors, who is responsible for final approval. Approved applicants are then notified and placed on the waiting list pending availability of a suitable unit.

Please note: it is the responsibility of applicants to keep the co-op informed of any changes in your information that was given at time of the original application. This should be done either by regular mail or email. It is extremely important to keep us informed of changes to your contact information.

Waiting List

Vacancies are filled from the co-op's internal and external waiting lists. Applicants should note that the wait for an available unit is likely several years.