Header image showing artist rendering of the co-op

Co-op Living


The organizational structure of the co-op conforms to provincial legislation governing incorporated non-profit co-operative entities. The main components of this structure are the General Membership, the Board of Directors, and officers. In addition, the Board of Directors can create committees that are either permanent or temporary.

The members meet quarterly to adopt policies, and annually elect the Board of Directors drawn from the co-op's membership. The Board of Directors meet on a regular basis to administer policies based on committee recommendations.


Participation, one of the resposibilities of membership, is also one of the primary advantages. Members benefit greatly from a well-run, financially sound and well-maintained housing project. Participation in co-op activities and decision-making processes is key to each member's control over the project, and yields social benefits as neighbours can become friends and a community is formed. Each member is expected to contribute at least 4 volunteer hours per month.

Household Occupancy


Each unit may house up to 2 spayed or neutered cats. We have a no dog or exotic pets policy.